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“Sefton's work communicated a love of movement.  There was a sensuoussaturation of kinetic ideas, often more than the eye could take in. As dances unfolded they seemed to accumulate more and more complex patterns, inviting the viewer into a world of motion and emotion.”      

                                        VICTORIA MARKS

"....athletic and disciplined ...."    

                                        CHARLES DONELAN

                                        Santa Barbara Independent


"....a powerful connection to the music..."

"....raw movement and powerful acting...."

                                        STEVEN WOODRUFF

                                        Dance Plug




This Facility promo cropped

Photo by Laura Williamson

"Laurie Sefton is one of Los Angeles' finest and strongest choreographers .... beautiful artistry....extraordinary choreography and dancing...."  " best dance experience for 2015."



"...dramatically executed..."

                                         LAURA BLEIBERG                                                                                                         Los Angeles Times


"Clairobscur Dance Company is a tour-de-force not to be missed by the Los Angeles-area dance aficionados. Their aptly named and recently performed “Uncertain Terrain” showcased the breadth of styles Laurie Sefton is capable of as well as the athleticism and artistry of her dancers."

"The choreography was innovative, compelling and accessible..."

                                        VANESSA ADELMANN

                                         Setting the Dancer Free

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